Car Maintainance Tips

Fixing the car isn’t a big deal but it’s valuable to know the complete details of how to upkeep and maintain the vehicle as per schedule as this will help you stay out of burden keeping you safe all through the journey. Strictly following some tips on car maintenance becomes important when commuting for work is your daily chore and you don’t want, that all of a sudden on a regular day, your car dumps you at the middle of the road. So here we list you some very significant yet basic tips on car maintenance to follow periodically without dismissing.

Firstly, never ever think that if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it. Better follow a strict schedule in terms of repair and maintenance. It’s great if you own a new car, as it is under a three year warranty period and the manufacturers will certainly fix any trouble free of charge. So if you eye or hear any disorder, fix it as soon as possible. Altering or repairing the trouble there itself, is crucial because ignorance will not only stretch the problem but will also make you bear the pain of costs.

Always remember the saying – Prevention is better then Cure, and follow it rigorously specially in case of your precious cars. One of the best preventions is, just service your car daily and as per schedule to avoid unnecessary hassles. Also keep your vehicle’s service history up to date and follow exact timely maintenance agenda mentioned in the owner’s manual.

Keep an eye on essential fluids such as engine oil, coolant, brake fluid, transmission fluid, battery fluid, power steering fluid. You can consult the owner’s handbook for every direction and must always top-up the fluid level as per the set mark.

It’s a very simple job and can be easily done by following the instructions mentioned in the car manual. Also keep in mind that refilling the fluids is quite critical and one of the most necessary tips on car maintenance, to be strictly followed.
The key to extending the life of your vehicle and in keeping it in pristine condition is regular and proper car maintenance. Proper maintenance from the first time you use it is the best way of keeping your car in excellent condition.

If you are a first time car owner, you must first familiarize yourself where the engine oil dipstick is located, or the transmission fluid dipstick, windscreen washer reservoir and the cooling system reservoir. You also have to learn how to check the levels and how to replenish the fluids when necessary. Doing so will help you save a lot of money by preventing car breakdown. You also have to check your tires and the tire pressure. You can use a device known as tire gauge to check the tire pressure. You can find the recommended inflation pressure for your tires in your Owner’s Manual. You can also ask your mechanic or your local tire dealer to teach you how to check for tread wear indicators which will determine when you need to replace the tires. You also have to check the breaks, belts, and battery. If you notice any problems with your breaks, you have to take your car immediately to a car repair shop to avoid serious problems. You must also check if the belts are loose. You will know if your belts are loose since you will hear a loud squealing sound.

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